Girl Online… ‘Zoella’!

Zoe Sugg , otherwise known as ‘Zoella’ is a youtuber, and writer. Ever since my friend told me about Zoella’s channel I have been obsessed with watching her main channel videos, especially her hair and make-up tutorials which are so handy and easy to follow.

Which is why I was so thrilled when Zoella brought out her first novel ‘Girl Online’ , this book is about a young girl from Brighton called Penny who starts to write a blog which only her best friend Elliot knows about.(you can see why I liked this book already).

Penny’s family all get the chance to travel all the way to New York City for Christmas, where Penny meets a musician called Noah , who could change her life for the better. However, Noah has a big secret which he has kept from Penny throughout her stay in New York . Will Penny find out? and if so how will she cope with the news she learns .

Honestly I could not put this book down, it is such a sweet story and exactly the type of book I would normally read which is why I am so glad Zoella is bringing out another book. So make sure to grab ‘Girl Online’ before her nest novel.I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thankyou, Lucy-May.


Well, as I think I told you in the previous blog I am now studying creative writing( well doing an online course) and in the morning I am going into Uni one last time so I can leave !  I am so scared of going in though in case they judge me because I only have five weeks left on the course , I just pray I can drop out tomorrow and leave that part of my life for good . So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Only thing is I currently have nothing to do , I have to do the creative writing on the side as a kind of hobbie because it’s online it doesn’t really get me out the house. So I found a teaching assistant course that I thought would suit me to start in September , but that’s really the only problem that it starts in September . I have a part-time job so I know I’m going to be working there over the summer, but I really want to do something interesting like volunteering or something while I have this time to myself. It’s harder than  I though I haven’t really done anything this week other than becoming a cleaning goddess, which keeps me busy I suppose. I don’t know where to look to do any volunteering though , it’s that thing of starting something new again I don’t adapt very well to things and it takes me a long time to get the nerve to do something. For instance ,I’ve been wanting to do the creative writing since last year and I’m only just doing it now, Oh it took me at least two weeks from when I signed up to this blog to actually write something down.

Hence , I’m struggling at the minute to find something to do , I don’t know why I thought I would be really busy straight away when I left Uni but that would mean I would have actually had to find something to do first. I swear I am the most un-organised person ever sometimes!

One thing what I really want to do now I’ve left Uni is try singing lessons, I wrote my name down to arrange a lesson but they still haven’t got back to me yet, so I’m hoping they do before I lose the guts to do it! So I will let you know as soon as I get that sorted .

Another thing I’m really trying to do is exercise, I’ve been on a walk everyday this week while I’ve been off and the weather is so nice! I think it’s actually been the hottest day of the year so far today.

Anyway,other than emptying the dishwasher I have nothing else to talk about this week, so hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from here!

Again thanks for listening,

Thankyou, Lucy-May.

To new beginnings….

Guess what! I have quit Uni, well not officially I haven’t exactly told them yet, but I am not going back.(EVER!)

I also applied for the creative writing online course which I am starting today! In the meantime I’m just at home for a bit as I don’t have a full time job  yet but hopefully the more I  look something will turn up. I wouldn’t mind doing some volunteering or something like that which I have always fancied doing!

I’m just going to try everything, that is going to be my new motto! (I have to remember to stick with this.)

My Mum and Dad have been so great about it, I just have to make sure that I do the washing while I’m at home and make sure that I try and get out of the house .

I feel as though life again has suddenly become filled with opportunities that are just waiting to be taken advantage of , but I have to go out and get them which is what I have to keep reminding myself of , life isn’t going to come to me anymore , I’m not going to be any happier just sitting at home rather than going to Uni. I have to get out there! It seems so scary now that I’ve officially done it. Right now at this time I would have set off for my walk to the train station and it would have taken me roundabout two hours to get there.( I had no idea how far away it was when I applied.)WOOOPS SILLY ME!

Well that is me written all over, but I need to inspire myself to do something while I am off so here is a list of things I want to achieve…

1) Find a job or apprenticeship for a base that will be stimulating

2) Maybe do some volunteering

3) Start musical instrument or singing lessons

4)Join a gym/ or just do exercise

5) Help more around the house

6) Take care of myself better

7)See more people

8)Join something new or do something completely different

9) Write on this blog everyday and work hard at the creative writing course

10) Live Life , don’t just sit back anymore , I know I can be happy I need to make it happen!!

Let me know if any of you are starting anything new..

Thankyou, Lucy-May.

Creative writing course?

There is a creative writing course I have found which I really want to do , it’s online and I can study from home which is great for me. However, at the minute I am due to go back to Uni tomorrow for five weeks to finish off my first year. I don’t have anything to do during the day though if I drop out now , but if I do go back I have a ton of work that I need to do in order to pass the year which as you can tell from my blog yesterday I really don’t want to do.

I just wish I was one of those people who are not afraid to take a bet on themselves and find a way of doing what they really want to do . My Mum always says that confidence grows with time, but I tell her it’s been 18 years how much longer do I really have to wait?

I think that’s my problem, I do tend to live in a bit of a fantasy land , I think that one day I am going to wake up and hear a crack and that’s going to be it , my shell will break and I will live the rest of my life happily  and nothings ever going to knock me down again. I blame this on watching too much reality TV.

I am looking outside right now, it’s a Monday and I’m off , it’s a beautiful day and I’m still sat in bed with my pyjamas on, as you can see I really need to change my lifestyle.

I don’t need to , I am going to , time to motivate myself I guess, I think I am going to do on a walk while the weather is so nice , fresh air , clear my head , and then I’ll let you know If I decide to apply for the course . (I really want too!).

Again thankyou for listening to me moan, if you have anything that you really want to do like me , let me know how you get on.

Thankyou, Lucy-May.

Leaving things to the last minute …

Sound familiar?

I am the last minute Queen when it comes to doing work. Even though I know to get it done as soon as possible and doing it to the best of your ability is a great feeling I choose to just leave it. I am definitely to laid back ! Do you ever do that think ‘Oh I’ll get it done and then when it comes to the last minute you panic and think oh my God what am I going to do I cannot get this done! This is me all over. All I want is sympathy because I don’t want to do it but at the end of the day I know it’s all my own fault! ( I hate saying that.)

I now am stuck in on a lovely day staring at the computer trying to motivate myself to do work that I have absolutely no interest in doing because I don’t even want to go back to uni and I feel like I can’t think straight and I’m sorry all this blog really is , is me ranting on about how I want to change my life because I don’t like uni but I don’t know what I’m going to do if I drop out and really I’m just ranting to get out of doing work , even though I know it will be such a relief the sooner I get it done!

Ever have one of those days were you feel you just want to rant on about nothing, well this is mine , after this I am not going to moan again I am just going to get on with it! (  I say this now I’ll probably end up writing another blog post after) .

Anyway rant over. Please let me know if you ever have any days were you just lack motivation to do any work whatsoever ! By the way I know this totally goes back on the last post I wrote , I’m finding it hard to listen to my own advice as always , I hope I just take one day!

Thankyou for listening to me moan, Lucy-May.

Becoming more confident…

Generally I can be quite a quiet person , which  I have to say really irritates me sometimes as I’m sure it does with a lot of other people who are quiet. I feel like it holds me back from doing so much that I want to do in life , so I have decided that I’m not going to let it affect me any more  . (I know definitely easier said then done). I do say this to myself a lot really but this time I want to make sure to take my own advice seriously and I know it may sound cheesy, live the life that I want to live . It get’s so easy to become scared of everyday things in life and sink into a bubble without realizing and then before you know it your stuck in some sort of rut and with each day that goes by it can become harder to get out of.

Not any more! ( Imagine me saying this very enthusiastically, again sorry with the cheesiness).

So here is my advice to myself to become more confident…

1) Don’t be afraid to socialise more, it can be so scary as you grow up and start to meet more new people and also with the way people our age socialise nowadays ( by this I obviously mean social media) it can get harder to manage to see people face to face , but make sure you see people on a regular basis then it won’t seem as scary!

2) Do more exercise ! , going on walks or any form of exercise is such a good way of getting outside and always manages to make you feel better , especially since the weather is getting nicer!.

3) Work hard at everything you do, if you work hard at whatever you do in life it will pay off and immediately make you feel better about yourself and appreciate everything more as you will have earned it.

4) Don’t be lazy and sit watching TV all night!, I am such  a TV addict , literally my night sometimes revolves around what time a certain programme is on, for example the vampire diaries is on tonight , but if you watch the vampire diaries you know that it is so good that you just can’t miss an episode! Still you can always record it and do something productive like work or going seeing people!

5) Treat yourself like a Queen, always appreciate yourself and the person you are. Take care of your appearance and take pride in how you look and if you like doing something that nobody else does , do it anyway, when I was in school I was in the choir and all my friends began to quit and I felt embarrassed that I was , so I quit my singing lessons and choir because I didn’t like to tell people that I liked to sing. I really regret doing this now because I miss it and I wouldn’t mind getting back into it!  If I treated myself like a Queen back then I wouldn’t have been bothered about what people thought of me I would have just done as I pleased , so don’t be afraid to do something different!

I know I am going to find it really hard to accomplish all these things but hopefully it time if I start to listen to myself I will gain the confidence that I want to have , hopefully this advice helps you too , please let me know if it does !

Thank you, Lucy- May.

White Bird In A Blizzard- Movie !

Basically I heard of this movie because one of my favourite actresses Shailene Woodley plays the main character in the movie(Kat.)

This movie was definitely not what I was expecting , it was slightly disturbing I have to say, however in the best way. Have you ever watched something that your not sure about but you have to keep watching anyway because your already that hooked on the film, well this is how I felt when I watched this movie.

‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ is set in the 80’s in America, it features a husband’s and wife’s tired existence and their poor daughter ‘Kat’ who has to fit inbetween somewhere. In other words the ‘American Dream’ gone wrong. A bored and tired lonely wife has to face a husband who is happy being stuck in the same old daily routine as he always has been.

Eventually though this routine starts to crack it’s way through Kat’s Mother and it appears that her character’s mind and mental health slowly starts to deteriorate throughout the plot of the film, leading up to the characters disappearance, the police do not seem to be interested enough to take on this case at first as millions of wives go missing everyday and this could just be another one.

Kat does not seem to be affected by her Mother’s disappearance or the fact that she was not the best mother , according to her attitude. Over the next few years however Kat’s Mother starts to creep her way back into Kat’s mind and leads Kat to start her own investigation into what happened to her Mother after she’s been missing for two years.

Anyway, that is all I am going to say about the film, because it is really hard to talk about and not give the whole plot away! This film however is Rated R, so it is probably not suitable for all viewers.

However please try and watch this film, Shailene Woodley is phenomenal as always , if your not sure please watch the trailer because I was hooked from watching the advertisement so I had to watch it!

I love watching films and television so I will probably be writing a lot of reviews , if I manage to get you watching this weird and wonderful film please let me know what you think about it!

I am still getting used to writing a blog so I’m sorry if I’m not up to scratch yet, hopefully I’ll get there one day , if you have any tips please let me know and please go and watch this film!

Thankyou, Lucy-May.

Demi Lovato- Staying Strong. I love this book!

20150324_202336Please excuse the bad picture quality amd the state of the book I have had it a long time! Anyway I really wanted to tell you about this book because I honestly feel it has helped me so much since I’ve had it. Basically I have always really liked Demi Lovato and her music so when this book came out my wonderful Mum bought me it for Christmas! Obviously Demi Lovato has been through so much throughout her life and got through so much . What I really admire about her though is that no matter what she has been through she is always want’s to help other people through their battles . Her book staying strong is not a biography as such but she does mention brief incidents within her life.

The book actually contains an uplifting quote for every single day of the year , from people around the world and famous people throughout history. Demi then relates her own life to the quotes and reveals how certain things affect her life and how she overcomes them.

Finally, Demi sets us a personal goal to achieve that day, whether it’s to be nice to someone or try something new , every goal she sets has a big impact on how we could live our lives.

I continue to read this book every morning , I love it that much , please if you haven’t go out and buy this book it is so helpful and uplifting to read .

If you do happen to buy it, let me know if you find it as inspiring as I do.

Thankyou, Lucy-May!

Life after school…

Currently I am studying English Literature and Early childhood at University. However, lately I am unsure whether or not this course is for me. When I was at college everything was about going to University so I didn’t spend much time looking at what else I could do . I mean there’s only so much time you can spend staring at a computer screen until you realise it isn’t going to tell you what to do with your life.

As it goes I like Uni , I’m glad that I tried it as I have made some really good friends but I don’t live in and I’m am not fully engaging with the course content.

Ever since I left school I have been completely unsure of what I want to do with my life , as I’m sure many other people are , it’s just so frustrating though when everyone around you seems to know what they want and their goals are realistic when it comes to life in general.

I have however been looking into doing a creative writing course ( online)  I was actually going to do creative writing at first but I opted out as generally I don’t really show anyone what I have written and it doesn’t always tend to be very good.

Anyway , I only have till May left of my first year at Uni and it can’t come any quicker!

Hopefully by then I will have figured out something that I want to do with my life, well I know what I want  to do which is write (songs mainly) but sometimes I don’t know if it’s even worth trying , I’ve only ever entered two song writing competitions and never heard anything back . I think mainly because I only entered lyrics . I don’t play a musical instrument( I fear I’m too old to go and get lessons , which isn’t really true because I’m only 18 , but still.) So I can’t make my lyrics into an actual piece of music , also I can’t generally talk in front of people , let alone sing . ( This is what I mean by not being realistic.)

Sometimes I feel like screaming at the fact that I can’t do this , but I’m hoping that writing this blog will give me at least some kind of confidence to make writing and anything else that I want to do more realistic!

I’m not sure if anyone is going to read this , starting a blog is definitely harder than  I first thought it would be.  But if anyone does happen to read this and has any advice for me and anyone else please let me know.

Thankyou! Lucy-May